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The phased re-opening of Surrey Dance Addicts

We are delighted to announce our plan for a phased reopening of the dance school. Things will be a little different for a while, as we must adhere to government guidelines and those set by our dance authorities. Everything we have put in place is to ensure the safety of our students and teachers and we hope you will support us in our careful approach.

Also, the economics of operating businesses have changed with higher hall costs, unproductive time we have to pay for between classes, fewer students allowed in a hall at any time as well as new costs for sanitiser, temperature guns etc. Therefore, we have had to make changes to how we operate with term fees, PAYG, class schedules to reduce the chances that classes run at a loss.

Some of our regular halls will not be reopening immediately so we are working on securing time slots and possibly different days of the week, and at different halls in the area so please ensure you are 100% clear on where the classes and lessons are being held as the locations used can be fluid week to week. We apologise for this, but the alternative is to delay the re-opening of SDA which none of us would want.

Week commencing Monday 7th September

For 2 weeks we are going to be offering ‘One on one refreshers’, and these sessions will be like private lessons but we will concentrate on remembering your routines with a little bit of technique. Students will have to dance solo unless in a fixed partnership as teachers are not yet able to dance with students so will be teaching from a distance. All 3 of us will be teaching these lessons and we may swap within lessons so you will not be guaranteed a certain teacher – just a timeslot. These lessons will be 45 mins at the reduced cost of £30 rather than £37 for this 2 week period only.

Week commencing 21st September

Classes return. We hope to return with a very similar timetable to previously from this date. We do not yet have confirmation from our halls that they are open, which is why we have delayed the date slightly. Some of our larger classes will have to be split to ensure a safe distance between pupils and we hope to have a timetable for you very soon.

Please refer to our guidance page on what’s expected when arriving at class and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

SDA Guidance for Parents and Students (Sept 2020)

There are a number of measures we are taking to ensure the safe restarting of classes & private lessons

*      There will be a one-way system in operation for entry and exit of the halls to help the flow of people and adhere to social distancing. Doors will be clearly labelled.
*      You must pay your class fees by BACS transfer. All classes will need to be paid for in advance and by term to secure your place (as classes will have reduced numbers and need to be full)
*       Sanitiser and kitchen roll will be available ( but you may want to bring your own!)
*       Windows and back doors will be opened prior to student’s arrival.
*       Music will be run at ‘conversational level’ to prevent the need to raise voices (which can increase virus transmission distance).
*      There will be gap between lessons/classes to reduce the chance of student’s grouping/ overlapping. This will also allow us time to clean surfaces between sessions. Please do not enter until your allocated time. If a student is in 2 consecutive classes, then they may remain in the hall during changeover.

Sadly, parents will not be able to come into the studio for group classes whilst we are so restricted on numbers.  1 parent per student for private lessons please. If a parent of a SEN student has a specific concern then please talk to a SDA teacher in advance of the class.
*       Any local lockdowns will be monitored and may require short-notice cancellations.

To return to dancing, following lockdown, we will be asking students to adhere to the following:

*       Face masks will be required upon arrival at the studio; however you are not required to wear them whilst dancing. Face masks will need to be worn if a student needs to use the toilet facilities
*       Some of our venues require temperature checks to be carried out upon arrival and you will only be permitted to enter the studio, and remove your mask, if you are below 38°C. Entrance will also be subject to a pre signed waiver to confirm you will not come to dance of you or anyone in your house hold is unwell with Covid symptoms, or if you have travelled back from any restricted areas or countries. (please see waiver for more information). If a student is late for a class, then they must wait outside the hall until invited in by the teacher who will wait for a suitable break in the class and temperature checked.

*       Whilst it will be lovely to see you all again we ask that you refrain from hugging our teachers, or other students.
*       There will be no refilling of drinks allowed at the studio, please ensure you bring a sufficient amount for your lesson.
*       Please avoid entering the studio before you are invited by a teacher and have had your temperature checked.
*       Check and confirm that your contact details are up-to-date… these will be collected on the waiver form but if details change after that is completed then please inform us as soon as possible. This is needed for NHS Track & Trace purposes.
*       Try to leave one parking space between your car and others if possible.
*       Wash hands regularly and use sanitiser provided.

*       Please be in SDA uniform or all black (boys wear white shirts) – no school uniform will be allowed. Students must arrive changed and ready to dance but can change shoes in the hall/

*       Towels are not permitted to be brought into dance studios under current government guidance. It is recommended to use paper towels where possible.
*       Only those who share a household or are in “fixed” partnership from separate households can dance together. Solo students will not be able to dance with another student or their teacher until government guidelines remove the social distancing regulations.

*       Good behaviour in the class is essential as teachers and pupils will be encouraged not to raise voices as this can increase the risk of transmission.

We kindly ask that until further notice, everyone refrains from taking photos or posting on social media regarding our lessons and classes. It is a difficult time with a lot of blank holes in government guidance and others are very quick to judge. We just want to concentrate on ourselves and our students!

We cannot wait to get back to normal! But for now, this new normal allows us to be back in some capacity and we are really looking forward to seeing you!

Covid Risk Assesment
Waiver Form