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Blackpool 2024

We took 21 dancers to Blackpool to compete in the UKA Summer premier in the iconic Winter Gardens. As well as blowing us away with their performances, much fun was had making memories as friends on and off the dance floor. We brought home an incredible 49 trophies from our finalists and every single one of our dancers came away with at least 1 trophy, many of our intros bringing 3 in one day! A big thank you must go to Cameron for helping partner and Vika who did the most incredible hairstyles for the children, and of course to the parents and carers who trusted us enough to invest so much in bringing their amazing Children to Blackpool. A big shout out to our adult dancers who all also walked away with trophies, for two of them - it was only their 2nd ever competition!

Here are our finalists’ results!

Luna 7 YR Intro Girls Cha Cha 1st Jive 1ST

Alice 7 YR Intro Girls Waltz 2nd

Flynn 7-9 YR Intro Boys Cha Cha 3rd Jive 2nd

Liam 7-9 YR Intro Boys 2nd ASN Waltz 1st Cha Cha 1st 

Lola 9 YR Intro Girls Waltz 5th Jive 5th

Evie 11 YR Girls Intro Waltz 6th Cha Cha 4th

Scarlett 11 YR Intro Girls Waltz 1st Cha Cha 1st Jive 1st 

Sophie-Anne 12 YR Intro Girls Waltz 2nd Cha Cha 4th Jive 2nd 

Deimante 12 YR Intro Girls Waltz 3rd Cha Cha 2nd Jive 6th 

Chloe 14-15 YR Intro Girls Waltz 4th Cha Cha 8th Jive 8th 

Ellie 14-15 YR Intro Girls Waltz 2nd Cha Cha 4th Jive 2nd

Natasha 16-20 YR Intro Girls Waltz 6th Cha Cha 5th Jive 6th ASN Waltz 3rd Cha Cha 5th 

Maya 16-20 YR Intro Girls Waltz 3rd Cha Cha 3rd Jive 3rd 

Susan 36+ Lady Intro Cha Cha 5th

Freya 12-13 YR Bronze Girl Quickstep 4th Samba 5th

Olivia 12-13 YR Bronze Girl Quickstep 3rd Samba 3rd

Jessie 14-15 YR Bronze Girl Quickstep 1st Samba 3rd

Ken 34+ Bronze Men Quickstep 3rd Samba 3rd

Caitlin 12-15 YR Bars & Above WFQ 4TH Silver Gold Cha Cha 4th 

Abi 16-20 YR Silver Gold Cha Cha 5th 

Lilly 16-20 YR Bars & Above WFQ 2nd Silver Gold Cha Cha 3rd 

only half a term left until summer but we now looking forward to putting on our very first dance school show!!!!

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